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Open to the public Fri - Sun 9am - 6pm

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The Best Clay Target Shooting Trainers in the United States

When it comes to receiving the absolute best training in clay target shooting, there is no equal in the entire United States than Northlake Shooting Sports. At Northlake Shooting Sports, located just north of Fort Worth in Northlake, TX, we’re not just another shooting range – we are a center of excellence. Our elite team of instructors, boasting diverse backgrounds and remarkable achievements, sets us apart as the home of the finest clay target shooting trainers in the United States.

Unmatched Training from Elite Instructors

At the core of Northlake Shooting Sports is a belief that only the best will do. Our instructors are carefully selected for their passion for the sport, their coaching ability, and their desire to develop the next generation of shooters. This team includes luminaries like Vincent Hancock, Katie, Devin, and Brian – each bringing their own unique expertise and accomplishments to the table.

Vincent Hancock isn’t just an instructor; he’s a clay shooting legend. With 3 Olympic Gold Medals, 4 World Championships, and over 20 World Cup Medals, Vincent has achieved what many can only dream of. His dedication to the sport and to coaching young athletes is unparalleled. Vincent’s experience, both as a competitor and as a former sergeant in the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, provides our students with a level of instruction that is simply unmatched anywhere else.

Katie, a two-time Junior World Cup Gold Medalist and the 2022 Women's National Champion, brings a youthful enthusiasm and a cutting-edge approach to coaching. Her journey from a passionate young shooter to an international champion and revered coach embodies the spirit of excellence that we foster at Northlake Shooting Sports.

Devin, with his extensive coaching background that began with the Boy Scouts of America and continued with multiple state and national titles, brings a comprehensive approach to instruction that caters to every level of shooter.

Brian, an Olympic bronze medalist and a world record holder, has over 14 years of coaching experience, guiding shooting athletes from beginners to Olympic hopefuls. His track record speaks volumes about his ability to elevate athletes to their peak performance.

Premier Outdoor Shooting Range

Our facility is designed to provide the perfect training ground for individuals and groups alike. With a vast property featuring numerous shooting stations, we accommodate training sessions that range from one-on-one coaching to group lessons, ensuring personalized attention and progress for every shooter.

Training for All Levels and Budgets

From beginners to competitors, Northlake Shooting Sports aims to offer top-notch skills development for shooters at all levels. Understanding that everyone’s journey and budget are different, we provide a variety of training options to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn from the best, without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Northlake Shooting Sports?

Choosing Northlake Shooting Sports for clay target shooting training means choosing excellence. Our instructors are not just teachers; they are mentors dedicated to passing on their knowledge and passion for the sport. The opportunity to learn from such accomplished shooters in a facility that caters to the development of all aspects of clay target shooting is what makes us the best in the United States.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to compete at the highest levels, Northlake Shooting Sports offers an unparalleled training experience. Our commitment to excellence, our premier facilities, and our team of elite instructors ensure that every shooter can achieve their full potential.

Ready to take your shooting to the next level? Contact us at (817) 296-6774 and join the ranks of champions at Northlake Shooting Sports, where excellence is not just taught, but lived.

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