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Open to the public Fri - Sun 9am - 6pm

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Best Clay Shooting Sports Training in DFW

Texas is home to a number of great shooting sports, including clay and target shooting. It’s in our culture just as much as ranching and certainly hunting. Being near the big city, it can be hard to find the best place to work on your skills and perfect them. Northlake Shooting Sports has been proud to offer our outdoor facility to local high school teams for many years, but now we are opening our fields and our ranges to the public. That includes our top-tier team of shooting instructors.

Learn the Basics and Fundamentals

Even if you’re just starting out, we have clay shooting training for all levels of skill. We have operated under the philosophy of building up the next generation of clay shooting sports. That begins with the fundamentals, which is important for any sport or skill. From the proper way to hold a shotgun to shooting techniques, our trainers can build a training plan that fits your needs perfectly.

The best type of training for you largely depends on your goals. For example, a hobby shooter is going to likely have a different training regimen compared to a competition shooter. Our team has trainers who have decades of combined experience, and all come from different backgrounds, giving you a diverse skillset to be passed down.

Increase Your Skill

Already a clay target or skeet shooter? Maybe you have been shooting as a hobby on your own for a while, but now you’ve got the itch to take your skill to the next level. Our trainers are more than happy to evaluate where you currently stand and work with you on your goals. Learning and trying to improve your current skills on your own can be a tough, frustrating experience. Having a skilled trainer to watch and evaluate you as you shoot is a huge improvement. A trainer can analyze what you’re doing wrong, as well as emphasize what you are also doing right, and correct your techniques much faster than trying to do it on your own.

Get Ready for Competition

We’ve covered the beginner and the hobbyist, but what about the competition shooter? As we stated earlier, we have worked with local high school teams for many years. However, our trainers aren’t just good clay shooters. Every single trainer on our elite roster has been through the toughest competitions and challenges available to them, including the Olympics. Olympic medalists, world records, world cup placements, and so much more have been earned by our trainers.

So, what does this mean for you? Our trainers know the skill and stringent training that it takes to compete at all levels. This intimate knowledge of the sport gives you an edge in your training to become a better clay shooting competitor. But they know more than just the skill and technique these competitions require. Our trainers can pass on their knowledge of the stress and atmosphere of competitions because shooting clay targets at a practice facility is still going to feel a lot more different than shooting clay targets at a close competition.

Clay Shooting Sports Training

Northlake Shooting Sports is proud to serve our Northlake community and surrounding areas across Dallas-Fort Worth. We are excited to have our premium outdoor shooting facility open to the public to continue our mission of fostering the next generation of clay shooting sports. If you’re looking for training at any skill level, reach out to us today so we can match you with the trainer that best suits your needs, budget, and your goals.

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